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March 16, 2012


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You are saying you have never heard people coming back from death to tell you about that? Then you must not be living in this century? Have you not read about Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu whose soul visited hell and later came back to life to tell about it? What about many testimonies people share about visitations to hell or heaven? Do you think all of these people are lying? Before jump into conclusions please pray to Lord to reveal the truth. Yes, JESUS IS COMING BACK SO, SO, SOON!


FROM THE AUTHOR: I didn't say that people couldn't have a death experience about heaven or hell and come back to tell about it. I said that in the Bible JESUS gave a parable explaining that even if people came back from the dead, they would have a hard time convincing people to turn from their sinful ways. I was merely repeating what Jesus said in the Bible. Perhaps you can tell Him which century to live in?

As for me jumping to conclusions, what I wrote is based on the Bible and on almost 30 years of ministry experience with praying for people for deliverance, healings, raising of the dead, signs and wonders, angels and demons, etc. I have seen it all. I have seen powerful works by the power of God and I have also seen the counterfeit ways of the devil. That is real too. So, yes. I DO know the truth and I am qualified to write about it.

We do agree about one thing: Jesus is coming back soon.

Since you don't mind giving me "advice", I'll give you some that is worth much more than yours: Read the Bible and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. People visiting heaven or hell matter much less than what is contained in that precious book.


The reason she came back and told of the celebrites names is that he told her to. So that people may see and understand that it is not right to become famous. He was saying by becoming famous you become the idol that people worship! God doesn't like this he is a jealous god! I see using the names as examples. The devil lies and deceives us in do many ways that most are blind to what is good and bad. I myself often wonder why we were put here if only to be sent to perish. angelas
testimony was not ment to scare us but to open our eyes to what we think is right and what were doing and should be doing

C  Harpe

Why would God send Evangelist Angelicia back to tell the hell story and not the rich man? Did God change His mind? Do you think God cares more for the present day people? Wasn't signs needed by the unbeliever? Will God be fair to give one generation an advantage He refused to give another? We have more to make our choice for Christ than those in the Old Testament saints, don't you think? Wasn't Christ death enough to make us believe?


I read excerpts from Angela's testimony, and then a more complete text version (I don't have the patience for videos). As a Christian for many, many years, i found some truth in what she described...but also some other things which were, indeed, very OT. My interpretation, ok? The way it was written was in such a way that threw confusion & condemnation on the saints, at least it tried to, on me. Who of us "walks" right all the time, all their life?? NO ONE!! I remember so well when I had a "Martin Luther" experience in my bedroom, as a young adult, bible in hand. I belonged to a denomination which taught salvation by works. When I got the revelation of GRACE, reading Romans...wow!!!! It became so clear, I felt light as a feather...and I DIDN'T WANT TO SIN. I was FREE!! Anytime a works-"gospel" is preached, a couple of things happen. Sin gets stirred up (that's scripture, folks), and..condemnation sets in. I have been thru so much in my Christian walk, and not all has been good. But the grace of God, in Jesus' perfect sacrifice? GOLD, GOLD, GOLD. It is agony to doubt salvation, which will happen, if we look at our sins,failures, etc. When I read the abbreviated version of Angelica's testimony...I felt heavy, I felt a vague condemnation. Who of us is perfect? No one, not me. Having suffered so much even at the hands of Christians, I have forgiven...but know what? Forgiveness itself doesn't restore a loss or erase all pain caused by another's actions. We let go of ALL thoughts of getting even, revenge, etc. We pray for the person who wronged us. BUT we can still "suffer" as a result of another's actions. And as I read all the dire warnings on unforgiveness in Angelica's "testimony"... I found myself so unsettled! WHAT IF someone hurts you (come on, happens all the time), and you suddenly die...lost forever? IS unforgiveness "the unpardonable" sin? The Bible doesn't say it is. I'm NOT saying we shouldn't forgive, but who would be saved??
OK, after reading the longer version of Angelica's "testimony", it didn't hit me quite as condemning. The way things were worded...the report of her grandma supposedly in hell, because of unforgiveness. Yet Angelica said herself, she didn't even think her grandma knew the Lord at all.
I don't want to debunk this. The trickiest "messages" are those mixed with truth & error. Error is swallowed more quickly, when added to truth. So I admit, I'm "shelving" this whole thing. Do we need to believe in Jesus to be saved? YES YES YES! But most of her message wasn't faith in Jesus, in what HE did for us...her message was repentance (more "works"). And YES, we should repent!! But it comes through faith in Jesus, and Romans 2:4 says that the KINDNESS of God leads to repentance. I don't respond to fear, I freeze. Love? It softens the hardest heart. OK..those are my thoughts. I leave all this in the Lord's hands..but again, I'm shelving this "testimony." ANNE, you have my email...I would truly welcome your comments.

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