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Taylor Schickling

hi! Today all of a sudden I had a feeling to go onto this website. And now I know why. God gave me a vision of Obama and the government. That the US will stop protecting Israel and I saw people in terror and running. And because of this, our punishment, was going to war with Asia or China or somewhere with oriental people because I had a vision of them like looking up at the sky in fear. God told me that going to war with Asia(or some place with oriental people) is our punishment and we will go to war with Asia because they will want the money back the U.S. owes them because an earthquake happened and the Great Wall of China cracked and they needed the money to rebuild it. But we will say we do not have the money and then we will go to war. Then I saw thousands of Americans in tents, on the street, dirty, crying out for God and this will be because America will basically be going through the Great Depression again. And I asked God to confirm my vision and He showed me a Bible verse that was EXACTLY like my vision. So thank you for writing your vision here... I think our's are connected.:)


From the watchman's call:
Hi Taylor, thanks so much for the comments. I think it is awesome that God is giving you these visions! Thanks for sharing. I too think that they might be connected. I have been getting visions for many years. If you'd like to talk to me more about them - or have any questions, please email me:

Thanks again,

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